Popular Foods of Dubai

Dubai has become a destination of mixed nationalities from all over the world including many Arabs from Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. Although many American and European hotel and restaurant chains have become firmly established in Dubai and offer cuisines from all over the world, traditional Arab dishes are still the focal point of interest for travelers from far off destinations.

Arab cuisine is extremely delicious and inexpensive and I strongly advise you to experience the joy of delightful traditional Arab dishes during your vacation in Dubai. Let’s have a bird eye view of what are the most popular dishes here.

Shawarma Shawarma is one of the most popular foods in Dubai and can be considered the Arab version of fast food due to its sandwich quality. Wrapped in Lebanese bread called pita or khubz, thinly sliced meat of camel, lamb or chicken, skewer cooked and served with fresh vegetables and pickles; shawarma is a meal itself.

Kabobs Kabobs are another favorite dish in Dubai and are so delicious that you can continue to savor their lingering taste long after you have finished your meal. You can have them with your breakfast, lunch and even with dinner. Fresh lean camel or lamb meat grilled fresh onions and tomatoes and sprinkled with lemon is usually served with boiled rice or fresh bread.

Tabouli Tabouli is an exceptionally mouthwatering Arab dish served in most of the Arab countries near the Mediterranean Sea. It is made up of chopped parsley, tomato, scallion, bulgur, mint and other fresh oriental herbs and served with an all-spice, cinnamon olive oil and lemon marinade. It is served with fresh lettuce leaves but in other countries it is also served with pita bread.

Baba Ghanouj

Baba Ghanouj can be eaten as an hors d’oeuvres with its eggplant mixed with various Arab seasonings, baked or broiled to create its taste and texture. You can also use pita bread, dip the bread into your Baba Ghanouj and cherish the melting bites. It is among the most well-liked dishes of local cuisine.

Stuffed Camel

Stuffed camel is the most prominent dish served even at a Sheikh’s wedding and is sought after worldwide where Arab settlers have established their restaurants. It is prepared especially for Bedouin weddings in all the Arab countries. Stuffed Camel is prepared with boiled eggs stuffed into baked fish which is further stuffed into roasted chicken, the chicken is stuffed into roasted lamb and finally the lamb is stuffed into carcass of a camel. The result is a magical taste where one cannot distinguish the individual meats separately.

Al Majboos

Al Majboos is created from meat (chicken, lamb or camel) and boiled rice. The meat is cooked in boiled water and dried lime and a blend of local spices is added. Fresh vegetables including onions, tomatoes, potatoes and green pepper are added later. The dish is then left to simmer on slow heat and then cooked rice and saffron is added to the layered meat in the pot. Finally the Al Majboos is left on slow fire for ten minutes.