Top Restaurants in Oslo

Bolgen & Moi Restaurant & Café: Bolgen & Moi Restaurant & Café is to be found at Henie-Onstad Center for Modern Art and is famed for its impressive and captivating ambience. It is highly recommendable for European, Continental and Scandinavian cuisine. “Bolgen Og Moi” is a prominent string of Restaurants spotted all over Europe founded by Norway born chefs, Mr. Bolgen and Mr. Moi.

The restaurant features the “Gourmet” upstairs and the “Brasserie”, the small one with only seven tables on the ground floor. The menu is comprised of three, four and five courses with delectable dishes like béarnaise and pepper sauce topped on grilled entrecote served with deep fried potatoes. Dining in the open-air section provides you with amazing views of parks, fjords, and woods.

Brasserie 45

Brasserie 45 is situated facing the fountain at Carl Johan Gate and is famed for its seductively romantic ambience. The restaurant is admired for serving highly stimulating Scandinavian cuisine like béarnaise sauce and venison served with pork schnitzel. The amazing interior design is inclined towards mostly Scandinavian elements. Excellent wines originating from the top brands of Europe are served in a most sophisticated manner. Reservations are recommended to save last minute disappointments.

Oro Restaurant & Bar

Oro Restaurant and Bar debuted in 2000 and has been jam packed ever since. It is located at Tordenskioldgate, Sentrum. It is highly recommended for continental cuisine and reservations are a must at this thriving restaurant. The interior is splendidly designed with stainless steel and light earth tones. The kitchen displays few partitions and is spacious and set up to serve full meals or just drinks and refreshments. The menu is comprised of seven to nine courses with exclusive dishes like Portobello parfait with fallow deer served along with steak.

Lofoten Fiskerestaurant

Lofoten Fiskerestaurant is located at Aker Brygge and is an exclusively renowned seafood restaurant strategically located for an amazing view of the fjord. The ambience is relaxed, cozy and elegant with maritime dishes and drinks served with excellent service. Lofoten Fish Restaurant provides the best seafood to provoke an appetite from its customers.

The menu is changeable round the year suiting seasonal preferences and availability of products. For example, from January to March liver and roe with steamed cod served whereas in April through September there is a summer menu that is served in open air with a magnificent view of the fjord, and in October through December, cod (a favorite local dish) is served. A salmon appetizer with fresh basil is suggested. Redfish and salmon dishes are prominent features of Lofoten Fiskerestaurant’s menu.

Bristol Grill

Bristol Grill is an exceptional restaurant furnished in English style and tradition and is placed in the heart of the city only one block away from the parliament buildings. It is one of the few restaurants in Oslo serving the best food cooked on a grill. The menu is subject to seasonal variations of Norwegian and Continental cuisine including a start up served with foie gras and pickled mushroom along with smoked Arctic Char followed by a reindeer grilled steak topped with nutmeg and lime or creamed cognac pepper sauce on a crest of sirloin pepper steak. Alternatively you can go for baked redfish, roasted trout or grilled monkfish. Exclusive wines are served at Bristol Grill according to your fancy.